How it Works

1. Getting Started

Just complete our simple online signup form.

Within minutes you will receive an email with easy instructions on getting us a 3-bureau credit report.1

1 See Footnotes below for more information
2. Review and Setup

Upon receipt of your credit report we will conduct a line-by-line review, note your issues, and email you the list of items we have identified as dispute candidates for your review.2

As appropriate, we will also email you a list of practical score optimization and rebuilding tips applicable to your situation.

2 See Footnotes below for more information
3. The Dispute Process

We will challenge your erroneous items with the credit bureaus. They will send responses directly to you so you can see the results as they occur.3

If the items challenged are not corrected we will automatically send customized re-disputes designed to maximize the probability of achieving the desired outcome.

3 See Footnotes below for more information
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1We require a 3-bureau report to start, and may request a new report from time-to-time to update your progress. Upon signup we will provide our top choice for a monitoring service for $19.99 per month, as well as a one-time purchase option for $29.95. Sky Blue Credit is not affiliated with or compensated by any companies it suggests.

2We will identify the derogatory accounts on your credit report which do not meet reporting rules, as well as questionable items you may wish to challenge, and email you an easy-to-read list for your approval. You may add or subtract items yourself, or request a personal consultation prior to starting the dispute process.

3We send dispute letters to the three major bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Unless your situation dictates otherwise, we dispute 15 items (5 items per bureau) every 35 days.