Authorized User Accounts

Do authorized user accounts work?

Yes! Authorized user accounts can be a great boost to your credit repair effort. They are not the final long term solution to your credit rebuilding needs, but if you are sincerely trying to turn your credit around and want a little help getting your credit repair project underway, by all means, do it. Read More »

I got an authorized user account and my scores fell, can you tell me why?

Good question. If you are going to ask a friend or family member to add you to one of their credit cards you should make sure that the subject card meets certain criteria. Otherwise you will get no credit repair benefit. Or, as you have discovered, your scores may actually fall. Read More »

I was an authorized user on an account that went bad. It is now hurting my credit repair. Can I get removed from the card?

Authorized user accounts are a great help with credit repair, at least as long as they are managed properly. Anyone considering becoming an authorized user on the account of a friend or relative for credit repair purposes should make sure the account is in good standing. Read More »

How long until an authorized user account will help my credit repair program?

Authorized user accounts are one of the fastest ways to get your credit repair program underway. The moment that the account shows up on your credit report your credit scores will respond. This may take up to sixty days depending on the reporting schedule of the creditor. Read More »

I’m thinking of purchasing an authorized user account as part of my credit repair. What do you think?

If you are considering incorporating an authorized account into your credit repair program you should see if a family member is willing to be the donor rather than purchasing the account. Read More »

I’m just starting credit repair. Can I skip opening my own accounts and just get a few authorized user accounts?

We do not suggest using authorized user accounts as a substitute for building your own credit. Authorized user accounts have their place in the credit repair process, but it should be limited to a supporting role. Read More »

I heard that the new version of FICO (the credit scoring formula) eliminates the benefit of authorized user accounts. Is this true?

Prior to the release of FICO 08 (the latest version of the FICO credit scoring model) Fair Isaac announced that they were going to end the benefit of all authorized user accounts by removing them from the credit score calculation. Read More »

I want to get an authorized user account to jumpstart my credit repair. Are there any potential issues I should be careful about?

It is very easy to set up an authorized user account, as long as you have a willing donor. And the new account should provide a noticeable increase in your credit score as soon as the account makes its appearance on your credit report – assuming that the donor’s account has all of the proper characteristics to help rather than hinder your credit repair effort. Read More »

How do authorized user accounts work, and can they be a real benefit to my credit repair process?

Authorized user accounts are a potentially valuable credit repair tool for the reason that they have the unique ability to transfer their entire credit score value from one person to another. Read More »

If my father adds me to one of his credit cards as an authorized user is there any risk for his credit?

If your father is kind enough to add you to one of his credit cards to assist your credit repair effort it is a wonderful thing. And he should be happy to hear that there is no credit risk to him as a donor unless he gives you a copy of the card for your own use, in which case he is liable for any debt that you incur on the account. Read More »

Credit Repair and Authorized User Accounts

The way we see it, the best credit repair services should help you create real, lasting credit improvement. At Sky Blue we think it's all about building the kind of credit that you can be proud of and lenders will love. And it is about building your own credit.

Authorized user accounts have their role in credit repair, but we see this role as supplementary. If you have turned the corner in your credit life and are sincerely trying to rebuild your credit, authorized user accounts can provide a helpful credit score boost. This can be encouraging and may even help you qualify for financing, should you be in the market for a loan.

But authorized user accounts are not a replacement for building your own credit. Secured credit cards, if managed right, are a perfect credit repair tool, and will belong to you. This is an important consideration. As you will see as you browse this section of our Credit Repair Questions and Answers, authorized user accounts can go bad and leave you worse off than before. In addition, many lenders now scrutinize your credit report to see that you have open accounts of your own.

If you have access to authorized user accounts, by all means make them a part of your credit repair program, but don’t neglect to build your own credit. Good luck!