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Posted by Admin on 21st July 2014

Reasons Why Sky Blue Credit Made TopTenReviews

Sky Blue Credit got a high rating from recently because of its superior customer service and commitment to resolving customer credit problems. It received a well-deserved score of 9.38/10 based upon several factors that make Sky Blue Credit an excellent choice when you need a credit repair service.

Quick, Efficient Service

According to our review:

“This credit repair company begins to dispute your negative credit-report items almost immediately after you register with the service. You’re assigned a personal account representative to contact if you have questions about your account. That representative is available to guide you through the process of improving your bad credit.”

Unlike some competing companies, Sky Blue Credit gets to work as soon as possible. You don’t have to wait for account processing or anything else before you begin the process of repairing your credit. Sky Blue orders one report that gives us information about all three of your credit reports so that it can see immediately note areas of concern. And that’s just the beginning of the process. While working on repairing your credit, Sky Blue representatives communicate with you regularly to help you avoid making mistakes that will land you in credit trouble again.

Email and Phone Service

Sky Blue Credit got high marks for responding to customer emails within 24 hours of receipt. In fact, it was only one of three companies surveyed that responded quickly via email. It strives to help every customer get questions answered promptly and keep you apprised of its progress towards resolving your credit problems. Sky Blue also offers customer service via phone, so you can receive immediate answers to your questions.

In addition to answering questions via email and phone, Sky Blue also makes it easy for you to sign up. Call Sky Blue if you have questions and representatives will walk you through the sign-up process. Customers who are more comfortable with Internet technology can sign up online. If you have any problems with the online sign-up service, let Sky Blue know right away so that you can quickly resolve them and can begin repairing your credit.

Ethical Considerations

Some companies don’t pay attention to relevant laws. Sky Blue Credit is not one of them. It makes sure that everything it does is both legal and ethical. Sky Blue uses the law to its full extent to get you the credit repair service you deserve, but it doesn’t break or bend laws in order to change your credit report.

In addition, Sky Blue Credit also aims to be transparent. They tell you what they are doing every step of the way. Sky Blue also don’t make promises it can’t keep, such as promising you that your case will be resolved quickly when it can’t guarantee that it will be. We at TopTenReviews recognized Sky Blue for this, saying:

“Sky Blue is able to challenge negative items that pertain to inaccurate, misleading or unverifiable data on a credit report. It is bound to stay within legal limits. Repairing credit may not happen quickly, and although Sky Blue provides efficient service, it cannot guarantee a specific number of removals in any given amount of time. It will file an unlimited number of disputes to challenge questionable items on your credit report.”

We gave Sky Blue a score of 9.38/10 because it recognized all the ways that Sky Blue Credit provides superior, efficient and ethical services.

Posted by SkyBlue on 4th July 2014

Boost Your Scores Fast With Credit Repair

You Can Raise Your Scores!

Okay, the odds of getting your scores into the 800s overnight are slim. But that does not mean that you cannot make significant progress really fast. Here are some awesome credit repair tips and tricks that can boost your scores by one hundred points or more. And fast.

New Accounts Count Double

This is one of the best, least publicized, credit repair tips there is. Have you had a period of bad credit? Are you financially stable again? Open two new credit cards, manage them right (more on that in a moment) and watch your scores take off. It will take 6 months of reporting for the new accounts to deliver the full score benefit. The FICO scoring model puts double weight on new accounts opened after a rough patch. Take advantage and watch your scores take off!

Getting Those New Accounts

If your credit is poor you may not qualify for the valuable new credit cards, mentioned above, that can propel your scores upward. No worry. Secured cards are the perfect credit repair solution. They are easy to get and you will not be denied. You will typically need 300 dollars to secure the accounts. The best secured cards will report to all three bureaus and will not reveal the secured status.

The Balance and Score See-Saw

This vital credit repair information applies to everyone who has a credit card, existing, new, regular, or secured. The latest version of the FICO scoring model, which went into wide use January of 2010, puts massive emphasis on the relationship between revolving balances and account limits. Let your balance run up and watch your scores fall. It is a see-saw. So keep your balances down and your score will stay up.

The One Shot Miracle Dispute

Do you have collections on your credit report? Do you see duplicates? Get ready to write some letters to the credit bureaus! A collector that has sold your collection account to a new collector has no business reporting his account on your credit report anymore. It is time for credit repair. Check reporting dates and dispute all but the most recent version. All of the defunct accounts will fall right off, and your scores will celebrate.

Steer Clear of These

There are several account types that FICO does not like. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say they have a special kind of bias against these debt types, and will give you less credit when you are good, and penalize you terribly when you are bad. These account types include store cards, and consumer debt like furniture and electronic store loans. These loan types can be convenient, and sometimes financially smart, so use them when they make sense, but consider the impact they may have on your credit repair. If you choose to use this type of consumer debt, plan to pay it off and close the account as soon as possible. Your credit scores will thank you!

Posted by SkyBlue on 2nd July 2014

Repair Your Credit in Ten Easy Steps

Reduce Your Revolving Balances

Maybe easier said than done, but this is a big credit repair factor. The FICO model puts so much weight on your revolving balances that you really want to take advantage. Chip away until you are using less than 20 percent of each cards limit and your scores will go up, up, up.

Pay Off and Close Store Cards

Store cards are of little use to your scores. When you are good they are practically useless, and when you are bad, they will kill you. Pay them off and close them. Goodbye. That said, if opening a store card will save you a ton of money on a purchase, go right ahead. Just get rid of them when you are able.

Make Your Payments on Time From Now On

It is a big deal. If you cannot keep up with your payments, it is not time for credit repair. You need to stabilize your finances before getting on the path to recovery. Once on your way, make sure to make your payments on time. A single late payment will create a disappointing drop in your scores.

Create a Budget

Facilitate your credit repair success with a budget. This does not have to be an austerity plan. Just make sure you know how much you are really spending each month. Many credit wrecking decisions are made simply because of a lack of good information. From now on, before you commit to a new monthly obligation, make sure you can afford it.

Become an Authorized User

This is a very cool trick. If you have a friend or family member with awesome credit, who also has a credit card with a few years history and a nice low balance, give them a call. If they are willing to call their credit card company and add you as an authorized user you will inherit the score benefit of the card. Just like magic.

Proof Read Your Credit Reports

Mistakes happen. And when it comes to your credit reports, mistakes can cost you big time. Get your reports, all three of them. Or better yet, get a good user-friendly tri-merged report and proof read the heck out of it. Scour it for errors. Now is the time to get compulsive. Make a list and get ready for some credit repair.

Dispute Everything That Looks Fishy

If you found mistakes on your credit report, and I bet you did, dispute them. You just need to send letters to the bureau on which you found the errors. Keep your letters short and simple. And set up some organizational system. Credit repair requires a little patience. You may have to re-dispute if you do not get happy results the first time.

Validate Debts

If you get a collection letter you have two choices. You can ignore it if you know it is right and you are not financially ready to confront the collector. But if it looks wrong, validate the debt. This is a right granted by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Send a letter asking for proof of their right to collect and an accounting of the amount claimed. If they cannot validate, they must go away.

Stay the Course

Keep it up. Credit repair will not take forever, but a little patience will be rewarded. You will be amazed at what you can do with your credit report and your scores within just six months. Watch your budget, make your payments on time, manage your debt, and keep disputing the mistakes on your reports. The goal is near.

Join a Credit Repair Service

A little bit of help is a wonderful thing. For a small monthly fee, you can hire a good credit repair company to manage it all for you. You will still have to pay your bills on time, but they will take over the credit report clean up, write and send your dispute letters and give you all of the handy pointers you need to succeed. Good luck!

Posted by SkyBlue on 2nd July 2014

Credit Repair Services For Your Consideration

The Credit Environment

Credit repair services offer a number of ways to fix your credit and improve your credit scores. There is no question as to the value of these services. The credit environment of today is difficult, to say the least. Lenders have never been as conservative. Applicants with poor credit are much more likely to get rejected. And those that are approved can expect to pay high risk premiums, often stretching tight budgets even farther.

Your DIY List

Are credit repair services a better option than attempting to the project on your own? It is always a satisfying experience to make an effort, learn new things, and reach a goal. It is in our nature to enjoy and thrive on the learning process. We are presented with do-it-yourself opportunities every day. Should credit repair be on our DIY list?

Everyone Specializes

Do-it-yourself opportunities arise daily. Some projects you will choose to undertake. Sometimes you will hire a specialist. What will you decide about the role credit repair services in your life? The fabric of the modern capitalist economy is specialization. Aside from the rare jack-of-all-trades, there is no role in the market place for a true generalist.

What Do You Do

Everyone does a special job. Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, everyone plays their role. What do you do? Do you do something in marketing, sales, food service, or the medical profession perhaps? We are all part of the big picture. We do our job and pay others for what they do.

Making the Decision

You can fix your own car, remodel your own home, and even make your own clothes. Have you considered that every time you purchase clothing you have hired someone else to do what they are good at, trading your money for their service. What of credit repair services? There are many considerations that go into the decisions we make.

What Does Credit Repair Involve?

Before deciding to attempt a project on our own we evaluate the complexity of the task, the time involved, and the potential risk of doing it wrong. Unless you are Orville Wright you will probably not want to build your own airplane. The ground is far too hard. You may have no fear of cooking dinner, but the thought may scare me to death. What does credit repair involve?

More Than Sending Letters

Good credit repair services will do more than just sending letters to the credit bureaus on your behalf. A good part of the results that a great service will deliver comes from their expertise. There is quite a bit involved in identifying information on your credit report that should not be there as a matter of legal compliance.

Tools You Must Have

To get the job done right you need a working knowledge of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, relevant FTC Staff Opinion Letters for practical application of the law, and a clear understanding of the dispute process employed by the credit bureaus. If you have collections it is also imperative that you are familiar with the Fair Debt Collections Act and applicable statutes of limitation rules.

Now it is Your Choice

The risk of doing the job wrong is the risk of getting anything less than the best outcome. When it comes to your credit report, everything matters. When considering credit repair services weigh all of the factors and choose. Whichever path you take, we wish you luck!

Posted by SkyBlue on 1st July 2014

Helpful Handy Credit Repair Hints

Protect Your Credit

Take care of your credit and it will take care of you. There are a variety of super effective credit repair techniques that will protect your credit, eliminate errors, and insure that your scores are not victimized by the system.

What is Up with Your Credit?

What is going on with your credit? If you are like most people you have no idea. Zip. Or maybe you are pretty careful and check your reports one time per year, like a regular physical examination. In some cases this may be sufficient, but if you have had credit issues in the past requiring credit repair attention you may be more prone to reporting errors than others.

Monitoring Services Will Alert You of Changes

A credit monitoring service is a great credit repair tool and a terrific way to keep an eye on all credit reporting activity. Monitoring services are cheap (you should pay around fifteen dollars per month) and will notify you of changes in your file. This includes inquiries and the appearance of new derogatory information.

Quick Response to Errors Pays Off

If a credit event occurs which you do not agree with it is infinitely better to respond immediately than to let it linger. Errors have a way of getting entrenched and even leading to more errors, compounding the difficulty of the credit repair job needed to rectify the situation. A monitoring service will typically send you an email within 24 hours of any material change to your report.

Challenge Dubious Collections

Collection accounts are in a unique category of reporting data, and are exceptionally subject to spawning other errors. If you find multiple collections on your credit report for the same debt, all but one of them is erroneous. Credit repair will get rid of these damaging mistakes. Just identify all but the most recent and send dispute letters to the credit bureaus. These should be removed without a fuss.

Consider Negotiating Debt

The recession has added a degree of eagerness to many industries, including the collection business. If you have enough money to make a decent offer to settle a debt you may find that your offer is quickly embraced. Here are a few credit repair pointers. Check your facts before making an offer. If the debt is beyond the statute of limitation your offer should be on the low side. Make your offer at the end of a month. The last Friday of a month is usually good. You might even ask the collector to delete the account upon payment instead of just reporting a zero balance.

Use a Good Credit Repair Service

Most legitimate credit repair services provide excellent value. For a small monthly membership fee they will dispute all of the errors on your report, monitor the progress, and follow up as appropriate. They should also be able to spot all of the valuable score optimization opportunities that your situation presents. Sometimes a little help goes a long way.